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“We are a very busy office; and after 20 years of doing payroll myself, I’ve enjoyed giving up the huge load that PayCo has taken off me. Their attention to detail and error-free work has freed me from having to worry at all. This is just one of he reasons I recommend PayCo to all my customers.”

-Kelly Herrin

“I have been a customer of PayCo since 2001 and they have proven themselves dedicated to me personally as well as my business, Fenders Diner. PayCo has consistently been dependable and trustworthy. They are always adapting to changes to ensure the best most recent software is being used to better my payroll process. They also handle all our reporting for the Department of Labor as well as worker compensation payments so I can focus more on my business. PayCo is one of the best investments I have made for Fenders and I would recommend other businesses do the same! My time is better spent growing my business than stressing about Payroll and PayCo allows me to focus on just that.”

-Bradley Cook, owner of Fender’s Diner, Cornelia GA

“This year PayCo will save me over $18,000 just in payroll and 941 tax issues. Between mistakes and simple ignorance about changing tax regulations, we were floundering on our own. Our PayCo representative is a pleasure to deal with. I’d never go back to doing things the old way.”

-Jeff Ferguson, Piedmont Metal Processing, Inc.