Beyond Payroll – HR Support
Payroll Made Easy

Payco Payroll Solutions offers more than just payroll services.  Our HR support services make onboarding new employees easier, help you find the worker’s compensation your company needs and must more:

Streamline Your HR Process

Seamlessly recruit, hire, manage and retain employees with applicant tracking, electronic onboarding, benefit
enrollment and performance management tools integrated into a single technology.

HR Support Center

An easy, efficient solution to help you manage your HR compliance and employee relations issues.

  • Background Checks
  • Applicant Tracking System
  • Electronic Onboarding
  • Performance Tracking
  • Benefit Enrollment
  • Document Storage
  • Assign Tasks
  • Company Announcements and Organization Charts
  • Manager Self Service
  • Employee Self Service

Payroll from anywhere

Payco Payroll Solutions Provides

  • Single System for Payroll & HR
    From handbooks to payroll, our fully integrated technology allows you real-time access to manage, update and report in one fully integrated system, redudng errors and time spent on payroll and HR activities. From your desk or your phone while you’re on vacation – payroll from anywhere – is easy with the Payco team.
  • Robust Employee Self Service
    Your employees can view and update their information, access company data and documents, address assigned tasks, request time off, and much more, all in one place.
  • General Ledger Service
    Create a custom file to easily post payroll information to your accounting software
  • Employee Self Service
    Provide your employees access to a full suite of online tools including employee information, pay stubs, W2s1 forms, documents, benefit statements, and time off requests.
  • Manager Self Service
    Provide managers with Online access to monitor and manage their direct team.
  • Mobile Apps
    Connect with employees directly through their mobile device.
  • Restaurant Payroll
    Reduce the complex challenges governing wages and tips.
  • Affordable Care Act Solutions Full Analysis & Compliance Solution to minimize your administrative burden, mitigate the risk of IRS penalties and accurately file the required tax forms.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
    Access many carriers for payroll by payroll premium calculation and payment services.
  • Payroll Debit Cards
    Provide employees with a cost-saving solution that replaces payroll checks, avoid lost checks and eliminate bank reconciliation.