Payroll Processing

Payroll is what we do … Our payroll processing service is customized to meet your payroll processing needs. Client’s appreciate our personalized approach to understanding your needs first and then developing a payroll system that fits your business and your schedule. Our payroll processing service is designed to be convenient, reliable and easy to use. We work hard to make sure that we are providing our clients with the tools and resources to meet their payroll processing needs so that you can focus on growing your business.

Once we understand your needs and set a payroll schedule, we will send friendly reminders of processing deadlines and due dates to keep you informed and on schedule. After our payroll processing is complete, you will receive notification so you can rest assured that payroll is completed. At PayCo Payroll Solutions we allow you to choose the method of payment. (live check, direct deposit, or pay card) or any combination. When PayCo processes your payroll, payday has never been easier.


We provide one-on-one customer service and you’ll have the option to input payroll data online, via email, telephone or fax: whatever works best for you. You’ll receive email reminders about payday, payroll completion, shipping and cash requirements. And the professionals at PayCo Payroll Solutions are a part of your team to make payday as easy as possible.


• Access and run your payroll from anywhere, anytime with Employer On the GO (see online Payroll)
• Preview payroll results to reduce errors
• Unlimited earning and deduction codes
• Payroll for restaurants and tipped employees
• Print checks and reports locally or PAYCO will print and deliver to your business
• Offer employees signed and sealed live checks, direct deposit, payroll debit card or a combination
• Provide employees online access to their paychecks, W2s and 1099s via Employee Self Service


• One to One Customer Service
• Input payroll data via the method that works best for you: online, e-mail, telephone or fax
• Live Personal Service
• Receive email reminders about payday, payroll completion,shipping and cash requirements
• Knowledgeable and experienced professionals


• Access hundreds of reports by any date range
• Import your General Ledger into QuickBooks and virtually any other accounting package
• Change Reports allow you to view any changes made each payday
• Track and Report Paid Time Off
• We will take care of your mandatory New Hire Report
• Federal Certified Payroll Reporting
• Labor Distribution
and more >>>


Payco will manage the payment of all tax liabilities, filing of all tax forms and communication with any regulatory agency such as state revenue and labor departments and the Internal Revenue Service.



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