Time and Attendance

time and attendancePAYCO Payroll Solutions’ Time and Attendance dramatically improves productivity, accuracy and reliability of your payroll process. Our time and attendance frees up management  time and financial resources for better use in your business. PAYCO’s Timekeeping is available in a variety of configurations that can be tailored to match the requirements of your business. When it is time to run payroll, employees’ hours are automatically in the payroll system.

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Using PAYCO Payroll Solutions’ Time and Attendance solutions payroll is made easier because you no longer have to gather time sheets, compute the total hours and re-key into your payroll system. All that is done automatically and accurately. Our time and attendance system makes it virtually impossible to submit inaccurate time data, eliminating the temptation for employees to steal time. Employees are issued time cards, which allow them to clock in and out through an electronic time clock or they can simply log in to our secure web clock with a user name and password to clock in and out. This system gives employees a simple way to clock while providing you an accurate account of the time worked. It also allows you to view reports that can help you keep an eye on your staff’s efficiency.

Over 20 hours of productivity are lost per year by an employee who arrives late, extends a break or lunch or leaves early.

PAYCO’s Time and Attendance solution provides information to help you manage your business. You specify the date range and we provide the details. Some of the most popular views include:

• Time Worked
• Approaching Overtime
• Exception/Missed Punch
• Attendance Summary
• Job Tracking
• Time and Job
• Tardy and Absent
• Historical Timekeeping


Manage and access reports on employee schedules instantly, accurately and from anywhere.

The hassle of manually adjusting is drastically reduced as changes are easily created or altered and then automatically updated with payroll data.

Through Employer on the GO, your clients can now monitor exactly where employees clock in and out through GPS Timekeeping, giving them the accountability and flexibility for on location jobs.

• Set and save company points ( on location office/job sites) by either typing in an address, dropping a pin or setting longitude and latitude locations
• Ability to set an accepted punch point radius for each location
• Map/ street (displaying street names) or a satellite view option
• Employees can be added and interchanged to different locations, departments and jobs
• Employers will be able to see the latitude, longitude and radius to the company point an employee checks in and out of


• Traditional Time Clock with WiFi
• Online Time Clock
• View, edit and approve time
• Employee Self Service and mobile access
• Track Breaks and Lunches
• Report Tips
• Clock by Job
• Enter Piece Work
• Automatically E-mail Reports
• Import Hours from other time systems such as POS

Improve Productivity, Accuracy & Reliability

Easy & Reliable Labor Management
Our timekeeping helps you operate a more efficient and effective workforce.

Automatic & Accurate
Our time and attendance, including GPS time tracking, is integrated with payroll, so there is no more manually tracking and keying employee hours.

Employee Scheduling & Reporting Made Simple
Manage and access reports on employee schedules instantly, accurately and from anywhere.

Keep Employees Connected
Employees can stay connected to your business by accessing and reviewing hours, requesting time off and viewing check stubs.

  • Web and Biometric Time Clocks
  • GPS Timekeeping Mobile App
  • Scheduling
  • Time & Attendance Dashboard
  • Employee Missed Punch Correction
  • Company In/Out Board
  • Time Card Approvals


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  • Approaching Overtime
  • Job Tracking
  • Track Breaks & Lunch
  • Report Tips
  • Piece Work
  • Shifts
  • Exception Tracking
  • Robust Reporting